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Our Process

A process dedicated to efficiency and results

Thanks to its method with six key phases, Prospective takes you through your entire construction and restoration project. 

Phase 1

  • Studying your needs, your way of life, your tastes and your requirements.
  • Fixing the budget allocated to the project.
  • Creating your personal programme, a detailed specifications document  showing  your objectives, constraints, desires and budget.
  • Setting up one single partnership to accomplish your project.

This key stage allows Prospective to help you to work out and organise
your project.

Phase 2

  • Analysis of what’s on the market.
  • Inspecting prospective places on your behalf.
  • Creating a detailed, illustrated report on the various plots or recommended properties.

Prospective can also assist in projects where you already have the ground or property, providing a customised service.

Phase 3

  • Selecting the architects best suited to your programme.
  • Presentation of draft projects designed by different architects, matching your approvedspecifications.
  • Detailed report on the architect selected for the project.
  • Planning the work of the chosen draft project, approval with the architect.
  • Overall assessment of the cost of the project.
  • Approval of the detailed draft project.

Prospective directs its choice of architects according to their customer responsiveness and their access to a network of craftsmen already noted for the quality of their work.
Because your project is unique, we undertake to find people who will
give you the very best services.

Phase 4

  • Discussion regarding the materials chosen and proposals about suitable technical and style solutions.
  • Advice on the choice of contractors, negotiating and accepting estimates to ensure that your project receives the best balance between technical quality, workmanship and price.
  • Information and advice about top quality environmental design and renewable energy.

Prospective facilitates your choice by giving you actual examples of the recommended materials and equipment. We provide a unique service allowing you to have a more concrete image of your project.

Phase 5

  • Agreeing the project plan with the building controller.
  • Weekly report on the progress of the building work.
  • Check on coordination by the building controller.
  • Participation at site meetings on your behalf.
  • Supervision of any work modified during the project.

Prospective looks after these tasks for you, but will refer to you should a decision need to be taken which would represent a change to your project.

Phase 6

  • Onsite inspections to check that the various trades carry out their work correctly.
  • If necessary, establish reservations concerning the work from the building controller and follow-up subsequent lifting of reservations.
  • Participation at, and assistance with,  the completion-of-work meeting.

Prospective will take up each point of your detailed specification document to ensure that the successful completion of your project.

Always listening, always attentive to innovation, Prospective makes sure that your building project receives the very best treatment, meticulously caring for the work, with steadfast concern for your interests.

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